Joseph Wilk

Joseph Wilk

Things with code, creativity and computation.

Creative Machines

When Alan Turing asked if a machine can be intelligent one aspect of this question focused on “could machines be creative”?

Ada Lovelace seemed convinced that originality was not a feat a computer was capable of:

it can do whatever we know how to order it to perform, it has no pretensions whatever to originate anything

Before we outrightly dismiss the idea of creative machines do we even understand what creativity is?

Join me on a journey examining these questions while also meeting a new generation of artists born through code. Looking into their hearts and brains examining different algorithms/techniques and there effectiveness at exhibiting creativity.

Decide for yourself, can machines be creative?

My Strangeloop talk: Creative Machines –


Full source code:

Continuing the Journey

In order to continue my research into creativity and music I’ve started the project Repl Electric. A space for humans and machines to learn and create music together.

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