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Prolog ASLDICN Event Calculus Planner

The event calculus planner used within my thesis was based on Dr. Murray Shanahan’s ASLDICN (Abductive SLD with Integrity constraints and proof by Negation) planner with compound action support. This planner is an adaptation from one published in one of Dr. Shanahan’s research papers

The original planner only supports the generation of a single plan. I needed to support conditional planning. I wanted the planner to generate multiple plans representing the different ways of reaching the goal. The problem was how to convert the planner to generate all possible plans. Importantly ensuring that this does not cause infinite looping and no redundant plan solutions are generated.

My version of the planner add the following features:

  • Conditional Planning

  • Impossible Predicate

  • Occured And NotOccured predicates

Prolog Event Calculus Planner


[viewcode] src=../projects/prolog/ geshi=fortran[/viewcode]