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Ruby Metric-fu Hudson Plugin

I have written a plugin for the continuous integration server Hudson which uses a metric-fu rake task at its core to build and present graphs representing different metrics over successful builds. It currently supports:

Hudson with RubyMetricFu graphs

The source is available on Github:


Currently all Hudson’s plugins are stored in something called SVN. Being more of a GIT myself you have to manually install the plugin rather than using the automatic Hudon GUI install method.

Install steps:

  1. Ensure you have the Ruby and Rake Hudson plugins installed.

  2. Follow the metric-fu installation guide (

  3. Ensure project code has a metrics:all rake task (auto added when you require metric-fu)

  4. Download the rubymetricfu.hpi plugin file

  5. Copy the file into your plugins folder within you Hudson install. Hudson’s default is ~/.hudson/plugins

  6. Restart hudson

  7. Go to the ‘configure’ link for a project and select the Ruby Metric-fu report option (see below)

  8. (Optionally) Pick which Rake version you want to use.

Setup Metric-fu


  • Futher metrics to graph:

  • Configure which metrics you want on your project page.

  • Create a Crap4R meter using Rcov and Flog (Similar to Crap4J).

  • Better integration with the html reports generated by metric-fu.