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Startups Infiltrating Agile and XP

I’m very excited to be talking at this years Agile2011 conference. Its a goal I’ve been working towards for a long time.

I’ve been to lots of agile conferences where I have listen to consultants talk about how they have made their multi-nationals or large organisations better through x. Interesting but often not much I could take away and apply at a startup.

Sadly there are only 4 talks at Agile2011 tagged with Startups and 6 tagged with Lean Startup.

I’m passionate about startups and I want there to be more focus at agile events around them. Having spoken to lots of startups all over the world and living in the London startup hub, I all to often hear people dismiss Agile and XP events as not relevant. While there is a lot of activity around the Lean Startup little is said about Extreme Programming and startups. The rich experience of the Agile community tends to  get lost. The Lean Startup has provided a movement which has helped deliver ideas from agile to startups, something agile conferences have failed at.

I’m happy to be injecting a dose of startup with my talk at Agile2011 about Acceptance testing in the world of the startup. I’ll be drawing from my experiences of working at the startup Looking at the things we did badly, things we did well and things we still have no clue about.

I’m also helping organise events in London and other major cities around Extreme Programming and Startups.